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We are a forward thinking, progressive automotive platform. Our dedicated team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. Our help section is designed to answer the most common questions but you can always email us on the contact link at the foot of the home page. We would always welcome any suggestions you may have which you feel would positively enhance your experience in using Autokingdom. Welcome to the world of selling vehicles for free, as selling should be

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What is Autokingdom?

AutoKingdom is the ultimate online portal for the automotive industry. On our website it is completely free for individual sellers and car dealerships to buy and sell new and used cars online. The number of cars we have listed on our site is constantly growing, and all of our members have access to some great features which allow them to effectively promote their cars and monitor how they are performing on the website.

More than just a used car trading site

AutoKingdom has been designed and build with the car lover and automotive industry in mind. Not only do we offer free services for people looking to trade vehicles online, but we also provide integrated features such as insurance quoting systems, car leasing quotes, a detailed business directory and coverage of the latest industry news.

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We want to be more than just a used car website, and as genuine car enthusiasts we want to give something back to the automotive industry. We encourage our visitors to complete our registration form to receive personalised access to features such as adverts, saved searches, email alters and much more.