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Step 1 Vehicle Details

Select your vehicle details below:

Vehicle specification

For “Edition” include Gti or Sport.

Vehicle basics

Engine size refers to 1.6 or 1600. Enter the milage, leaving it blank infers high milage or something to hide. Registration is the Reg number of your vehicle.
Enter as much info as possible, avoid phrases like “good runner” and “must be see”, “first to see will buy”, these phrases don’t say anything about the vehicle so keep it factual.

Price settings for your vehicle

What is your asking price?

Advertising details

To help a potential buyer decide why not review your car

Comfort *

How does it suit your daily needs and lifestyle - is it spacious, child friendly etc?

Safety & Reliabilty *

Is it well built or does it need constant maintenance?

Running Costs *

Fuel, tax, insurance and extras, how cost effective is it to run?

Handeling & Performance *

Is it smooth on the road, a pleasure to drive, fast on the road, difficult to handle?

Looks & Style *

Is it a head - turner, sporty or geeky looking. Or just plain ugly?

Buying & Selling *

Depreciation costs, was it easy to sell, new and used car value?

You have given this car a rating of: 0


I certify that this review is based on my genuine experience of this car. I have no personal or business affiliation with the car manufacturer, nor have been offered any payment or incentive by a manufacturer or dealer to write it. Please read the Moderation Rules.

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