Winterising your bike

Winterising your bike

01 December 2011
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If you don’t ride during the winter months here are a few hints and tips to guide through storing your precious machine.

1. If possible try to store your machine somewhere that dry and waterproof. Don’t place it by a window because the sun is stronger in winter than summer and intense sunlight with fade the paintwork.

2. Next give it a thorough clean and polish, deposits of grime, salt, mud, grease etc can and will cause deterioration of the paintwork, steel and chrome. Try to dry the bike as thoroughly as possible (a leaf blower can be handy for this). This should also include the chain, try to use a proprietary degreaser, and then go over it with a dry chain lube.

3. Top up the fuel tank just to the filler neck only (to allow for expansion) and then shut off the fuel cock and add a fuel stabiliser which will prevent the fuel going stagnant and avoid a moisture build-up. Then finally drain the carburettors and fuel lines.

4. Clean up the battery leads and terminals and disconnect.

5. Old oil can become acidic so drain and replace.

6. If possible try to raise the bike off the ground as this helps maintain the life of your tyres as they can tend rot or crack if standing on concrete. If you are unable to raise the bike rest the tyres on a piece of wood.

7. If you are storing your bike for longer periods it will do no harm to plug up any holes, this will prevent insects, mice etc from doing any potential damage. Remember to unplug before starting your bike!

8. You could add small amounts of anti-freeze to some of your bike systems to prevent the liquids from freezing up.

9. Last but not least put a cover over your bike, it doesn’t need to touch the ground as the gap at the bottom will allow the bike to ‘breathe’ when in storage.