01 December 2011
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When taking viewings remember the majority of people will be legitimate, however you are always advised to a little cautious. When you take a call use your intuition and try to make your own evaluation. If they appear to be pushy, vague, or difficult there could be another reason. If so then wait for the next the caller.

You may not be happy with potential buyers coming to your home which is reasonable, but don’t forget the buyer will also be judging you as the seller. They have to trust that what you are saying is the truth.

Try to be as open and as honest as possible answering any questions that they have.

Make sure you have insurance cover if they want a test drive. Make sure they have right insurance and never let a buyer take the car without you.

Use common sense- For example. If someone turns up to view, is accompanied but haven’t come to view in a vehicle of there own, it might be a scam?