Tow Bars

Tow Bars

01 December 2011
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If you need a towbar fitted go to a specialised towbar fitter they can be found nationwide. The will also provide advise on the most suitable electrical system and on the type that will suit your make and model of vehicle that you will be towing with.

There are 3 main types of towbars fitted:

The Flange Towbar – This is the ‘bolt on ball’ or two bolt fitting type. The most commonly used because of its flexibility with adjustable height ranges and styles of towball. These are greased ball, dry alko stabiliser ball, ball pin and jaw.

The Swaneck Towbar – Does not project so much as the flange type however it is set at a fixed height and is neater in appearance. This is the preferred type on the continent. The downside is that accessories can not be added IE stabilisers.

The Detachable Towbar – As its name suggests, it can be attached and detached very quickly when not used. This type is very useful and totally unobtrusive.


Make sure all the electrical connections are kept free of dirt and dust and regularly grease the ball.