The Sale

The Sale

01 December 2011
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When the sale has been agreed the buyer will want the paperwork which will include the service history, a valid MOT certificate if relevant, the logbook, service maintenance record and manual plus a valid tax disc. For the legal side of things go to  ‘DOCUMENTATION’  in hints and tips on this page for more details.

Private sales rather than dealer sales are completed without a guarantee. Sometimes termed ‘sold as seen’. As previously mentioned try to be as honest as possible, you would not want any foreseen comebacks, trouble or ill feeling over the sale process.

If being paid by cheque, take the buyers licence details and put on the back. Not forgetting the cheque has to clear before they can take the car. If paying by cash make sure it’s counted by yourself and the buyer there and then.

If the buyer is genuine they will not have any objection to you asking for another form of identification such as a utility or phone bill.