The Facts

The Facts

01 December 2011
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Did you know that motorcyclists are in involved in accidents resulting in serious injury or a fatality up to 16 more times than a car driver!

Motorcyclists account for just 1% of the traffic on our roads, yet actually number 19% of the total road deaths, a rather disproportionate figure, unfortunately. (Figures compiled by the Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2008).

Accidents that involve additional vehicles (typically cars) account for 75% of the number of killed and injury collisions (KSIs) on our roads, while 51% of accidents take place at road junctions. The remaining 49%, being broken down between  KSIs with other vehicles away from a junction (24%) or being involved with a single vehicle only (24%).

With traffic ever increasing on our road system, having to become more vigilant and aware is a necessity for all types of road user, we all have a responsibility to stay safe and not to put other road users or ourselves at risk.