The Disabled

The Disabled

11 November 2011
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The disabled and taxing your vehicle 

If you are taxing a vehicle for the first time or getting your disabled tax disc renewed, the different documents you have will verify where you can get the tax. This will be either online, a DVLA office or the Post Office.

Your Exemption Certificate

There are two types of exemption certificates; you have to have in order to obtain a disabled tax disc. The first is an exemption certificate form DLA404 if you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or WPA442 which is for people that receive a Pensioners Mobility Supplement.

The certificates above shall:

Have to be effective on the date the tax disc is effective.

The tax disc is only allowed to be used on one vehicle at any time. Every time you apply for the free tax disc, this has to be completed by the vehicle owner and officially stamped.

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