Taking your Caravan Abroad

Taking your Caravan Abroad

19 November 2011
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Do you fancy the freedom of the open road and travelling through different countries? From alpine scenery, beautiful lakes to a tour of Ireland, yes there are few limitations to achieve this apart from how deep are your pockets. Here is a brief insight and tips on going abroad with your caravan.

Even before you set off consider the following:

1. Depending the size of your caravan make sure you have extended wing mirrors attached to your car.

2. When loading up check everything is stowed properly and securely fastened.

3. Place the heaviest items over the axle.

4. You will need a GB sticker and, or a euro number plate.

5. If using a ferry the booking forms usually require both the dimensions of your car and the caravan, so make a note to have them at hand.

6. European breakdown cover is essential, because you never know when you might need it.

7. It goes without saying you will require your passport but also make sure you have at least 6 months on it before the expiry date.

8. You may become ill or need medical services so take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. You can apply online or obtain a form from the post office.

9. Take time out to carefully plan your route.

10. Your driving licence and you may need an International Driving Permit.


If you taking your caravan abroad it’s always best to inform your insurance company to make sure you are covered most will allow the flexibility of covering for the different periods you will be away from 1 to 365 days if necessary.

What else:

1. You will be driving on the right hand of the road, (except Ireland) so you need to adjust your headlamps and reflectors. You now able to buy the convertor kits to do it yourself, but if you encounter any problems most dealers will do it for you.

2. If travelling Spain, France or Italy it is compulsory to have a ‘high visibility vest’ with you also a ‘warning triangle’ and spare bulbs (compulsory Spain)

3. Beware alcohol limits are lower in some European countries.

4.  An emergency toolkit, a spare fan belt, a torch and a first aid kit.

Enjoy your holiday

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