Selling a Static Caravan

Selling a Static Caravan

20 November 2011
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Selling a static caravan

Most caravan parks have rules and regulations, which do vary so find out what yours are well before you sell.

Some park owners may offer to buy your caravan, this of course can be handy, and more often than not you may have to give them first refusal. But if you are not happy with their offer then you can sell it privately, with the park owner’s permission. Check but they’re also may be a clause stating that you must ask a higher asking price than the one offered by the park owners.

Selling Privately Considerations

An interested buyer may want the caravan to rent out; this can be useful as you then have the option of selling it with or without the contents. It could save you and the seller time and money in the long run.

Getting back to the rules and regulations, find out whether the caravan can stay in the same plot or has to be moved, this may influence any potential buyer.

Inspect the caravan yourself after giving it a good spit and polish. Make sure the heating and plumbing works properly plus the built in appliances. Use the appropriate cleaners for upholstery and carpets and carry out any importance maintenance required.

Now that it’s time to take the photographs, take a good variety from different angles outside and the surrounding area. Include each room, the more the better. Most buyers of static caravans do travel some distance, and whether they wish to use it for holidays, or weekends away etc have to get the right impression first on what they see, before coming for a viewing.


One of your first choices to advertise should be online as this has the widest impact. Have a look at our caravan selling section. Do plenty of research to help you decide on the asking price, again the internet and OUR CARAVAN BUYING SECTION SHOULD HELP YOU.

Provide any enquirers with as much information as possible about the caravan and the site, such as the site fees, average running costs, or whether pets are allowed.

Finally when you sell there may be fee’s to pay, these are a type of commission or transfer fee and can be around 15% (but will usually vary from park to park). Selling privately will give you a better price.


Last but not least do not part with any paperwork or keys until you have the cash or the cheque has cleared.

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