Selling a Caravan

Selling a Caravan

20 November 2011
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Selling a caravan

So you’ve decided to sell your caravan or part exchange for a new one. You’ve given it a good clean and it sparkles. Next, make sure everything works properly from electrics to plumbing and all fixed appliances. Also check the back rests move up and down freely and the jockey wheel and towing mechanism function correctly which should include the connecting electrics.

Have a look at the tyres (which should be legal the limit being 1.6mm) and test the brakes. If selling privately, the first place to go is online. Going online with provide you with the greatest impact.

The Dealer Option

Going to a dealer, has always been the easiest and somewhat the safest option and you will also get a warranty. It is the responsibility of the dealer to make sure the caravan has no outstanding finance and is not stolen, if you find out later that it is they will have to give you your money back. The dealer has to follow a certain criteria with regards to your rights, and these are:

A Few Words on Your Rights

Caravans like with most items are covered by the Sale of Goods Act (SGA 1979 as amended). This has been put into place to protect your rights as a consumer. Three area’s are prominent, firstly the caravan should be ‘fit for the purpose’ of any normal use.

Secondly, the caravan should be ‘as described’. Simply put, the dealer should supply where possible history (where appropriate) along with its specification. Finally, the caravan should be of ‘satisfactory quality’. This implies it should meet a reasonable standard and not have any defects. Apart from those which are brought to the buyer’s attention (for used) before any sale is completed. If the caravan turns out to be faulty, you are well within your rights to return it within six months

If the three points above are not complied with, you are entitled to ask for your money back. Stick to reputable dealers that are associated with the National Caravan Council (NCC is the trade association for the UK Caravan Industry) and that they comply with a code of practice recognised with the Office of Fair Trading.

Have a look at our ‘TIPS ON NEGOCIATING’ in our ‘CAR BUYING AND SELLING ADVICE SECTION’. Although this is car orientated, the same principles apply.

The Private Seller Option

Obtain a few examples off our SITE to help you put together an eye-catching advertisement. With all responses try to be as open and helpful as you can. Don’t be restrictive, let the buyer have a good look around, they will want to see things working so be prepared. If you have pull down or put up beds and tables let them do it for themselves. It shows the buyer your honesty.

After a deal has been reached, make sure you have the money before they tow it away. For more information on cons and scams, GO TO CAR ADVICE CENTRE – VEHICLE CRIME SECTION.


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