Sell Safe Bikes

Sell Safe Bikes

15 December 2011
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The quick list:

1. You don’t have to sell your bike from home.

2. Always be alert and use your instinct.

3. Make sure to get all the buyers details IE Name, address, (work address as well), all phone numbers which should include a landline number, the buyers registration number of the car/bike they arrive in.

4. For telephone inquiries only give away the necessary information on the bike. Not the full registration or vin number.

5. A potential buyer will want to see all the documents to the bike, but don’t let them take any away or copy them (IE camera phone).

6. If genuine they will want to test ride the bike.

Opinions on this subject can vary in many ways. If you wish to let the perspective buyer take out your bike on a test drive, perhaps the best thing to do, is at least take a few precautions to protect you. We hope you find these useful:

If the buyer comes in a car, even if it is someone else’s make sure to keep the keys until the bike is returned.

A serious buyer will bring the cash with him, so if they want a test ride, take the cash until returned. Also make clear that, should they have an accident, then the buyer will automatically purchase your machine. The best way around this is to prepare a written statement that you and the buyer sign. This will give you protection in case of mishaps and or arguments.

You may to choose an area where you are able to see the bike at all times, perhaps a large car park.

Make sure they have the appropriate insurance, if you feel this may prove a problem, contact your insurance company to provide the adequate cover necessarily.

It is also probably a good idea to have someone with you, when a buyer comes.

7. One of the best payment methods is by using CHAPS. Be over cautious when accepting bank drafts, personal cheque’s and even cash (which can be forged)