Safe Storage

Safe Storage

01 December 2011
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On site

Always try to use a police-approved secured caravan park whenever possible. These have gained a police ‘Secured by Design’ award for security features which lessen the opportunity for crime to take place and offer a safer and more secure environment for you and your caravan.  The crime prevention officer at your local police station will be able to give you information about any secured caravan parks in your area.

Get to know your neighbours

Keep an eye on each other’s caravans and get to know who belongs on the site. Don’t be afraid to report anything suspicious to the site manager or the police.


When your caravan is not in use

Remember, your caravan is even more vulnerable when it is not being used. Caravans left on sites, storage compounds and even on your driveway are particular targets for thieves.

But wherever it is, immobilise your caravan using quality wheel clamps or a security post fitted near the front of the ‘A’ frame and the main body (or both).

Remove all your personal belongings and contents when you are not using your caravan. Leave cupboard doors and curtains open - thieves can be put off by a caravan that is obviously empty.

Store your caravan securely. If you are choosing a storage site, don’t just look at the price. Check to see that it offers good security measures. Remember, if you can enter the storage area and remove your caravan without being approached, then so can a thief.

If you’re leaving your caravan at home, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your caravan as well as your house. And consider fixing good-quality security posts on your drive to prevent your caravan being stolen while you are not there.