Safe Riding tips

Safe Riding tips

01 December 2011
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1. Always have a quick check and look around your bike before you set off, in case of any mechanical faults to loose wiring etc

2. Make sure you can be seen – Wear something bright, failing that put on reflective strips or decals on parts of your jacket and legs. You can also get strips for your helmet and bike.

3. Dress to keep safe – Wear a British standard approved helmet with eye protection. A good set of boots to protect your feet and ankles. Protective waterproof trousers, and full fingered gloves.

4. Road sense – Flick your brake light(s) when slowing down or coming to a full stop, maintain a good distance between yourself and the vehicle in front, this will provide you with to react if you get into a precarious situation.

When travelling on motorways and dual carriageways; place yourself in a lane or part of that lane where you are the most visible. Try not to weave between lanes.

5. Manners are appreciated – Show respect to other road users. Know your speed limits and the rules of the road.

6. Get lots of practice – Ride on different types of road and in different traffic and weather conditions this will help develop your riding skills.

7. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.