Reversing Your Caravan

Reversing Your Caravan

01 December 2011
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If you have to reverse while towing a caravan this can be discouraging but as most of us have come to realize that with enough practice it gets easier.

Whichever direction you want your caravan to turn, then you will have to make your car turn into the opposite direction. For instance lets assume that you are able to move the caravan yourself and if you were to hold the tow hook and started pushing backwards, you would actually push the back of the trailer in the opposite direction, so in effect the front of the trailer would actually go in the direction you wanted.

Now visualise the back of your car where the towing (clamp) is because you need to make the back of your car drive the back of your trailer in the same direction. You need to turn the wheels to the opposite direction that you choose the trailer to take. While reversing this makes the back of the car move away from the direction you choose to reverse to but which in turn actually turns the trailer in the chosen direction.

As you reverse the car continues increasing its direction moving away from the corner and your trailer also continues in the opposite direction. If you continue to do this your car will eventually get closer to the side of your trailer and will touch it if you’re not careful, (also known as jackknifing. Ease off the lock to avoid this and then follow your trailer in reverse.

Practice steering in reverse, by placing your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. If you then move your hand to the left, you will find the trailer moves to the left and vice versa.

Try to practice by running this sequence in reverse when driving forward and you will need to reverse each step of the procedure when reversing.