Reducing motorhome and caravan insurance

Reducing motorhome and caravan insurance

19 September 2013
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Help reducing your insurance

Whether insuring a motorhome or caravan, what you are looking for is peace of mind, unfortunately this always comes at a cost. You will have made a major investment and you will find below a few hints and tips that may help to reduce your insurance premiums a little:


If possible avoid insuring young drivers. The insurance industry perceives youth with inexperience, and a higher level of accidents. Do your homework, as you may well discover some insurers stipulate a minimum driver age?

Don’t let your heart rule your head, certain makes and models can be very expensive to insure because they are particularly appealing to thieves and crooks so beware!

If you are planning to take your motorhome onto the continent, or out of the UK there are usually a specified amount of days you can do this. Always check the amount and the differences in cost if you extend the amount or use under the amount of days quoted.

Have a look at our Parking and Siteing Section to reduce your premiums.

Estimate within reason the amount of mileage you intend to cover, the lower the amount the lower the premium.

If you join reputable and recognised associations or clubs, may also be an idea.

Ideally you should not use your motorhome for commuting and you may well find that everyday use is omitted from such policies.


Make sure your motorhome has the properly fitted door and window locks. Having a tracking device in addition to a standard fitted immobiliser may well give you a good reduction.


Security is the main issue here, and some items may seem costly, but they could save you up to 25% of the premium.

Take a look at Which is CaSSOA or Caravan Storage Site Owners Association. If the site you are looking at is CaSSOA linked and ‘awarded’ this will reduce the premium. (Around 5%-25%).

Quality tracking systems; like the ‘Phantoms’ range. (10%-20%). Others include, Bulldog RAC, Suretrack MT, Hal-Locate, Tracker Response.

Anti-snaking systems, wheels locks, identification systems, hitch posts and locks. Makes include AL-KO, BPW, SAS Gridlock, Bulldog Max.

Policy Considerations

Does it cover?

Personal Accident

Public Liability

Home and Overseas recovery costs

Breakdown transfer to a repairer and home if necessary

New for old

Discounts for:

No Claims

Added security methods.

Club or Association membership

An ‘all risks’ policy. Which will cover; not just the caravan, but include the contents, and loss or damage to equipment. Protection while the caravan is in storage or in use.

Common policy requirements are that the unit is to be secured when left unattended by the use of wheel clamps and a hitchlock. Other additional security features may also be required for higher value caravans and certain makes and models.

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