Preparing your vehicle to sell

Preparing your vehicle to sell

01 December 2011
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Below is a simplified list of certain things worth considering when selling your car-

The Exterior – Your car should be washed with proper car shampoo, chamois leathered and then waxed and polished. Don’t forget the door rims at the same time. A clean, well-polished car could possibly sell for up to 10% more!

Make sure to get the appropriate touch-up paint for the stone chips that occur around the front bumper and bonnet areas. Don’t forget the minor nicks or scratches.

Nothing looks better than shiny wheels. Use the appropriate cleaner for those alloys and touch up the wheel trims. Blacken the tyres for good measure.

Bring the car trimmings back to a nice black sheen, with the correct cleaner.

The Interior – Thoroughly vacuum the inside including all carpets and upholstery. Wash the mats and dust finishing off with dashboard cleaner.

Don’t forget to wash the ashtray and put in an air-freshener for good measure.

If applicable upholstery cleaner can be used for little marks and scuffs.

An old toothbrush is always handy to clean the ventilations grids.

Make sure to clean all windows inside and as well as out.

The Little Extra’s – There will always be a potential buyer wanting to look under the bonnet. Steam cleaning maybe over the top but, a commercial degreaser will rid you of any radiator or oil spills.

Remember to empty and vacuum the boot.

Have an oil change if you feel its necessary and top up the coolant and wiper bottles.

Replace any broken bulbs or fuses.