Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself

01 December 2011
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Wear the proper kit – Protect yourself adequately with protective clothing, to include a sturdy weatherproof jacket and trousers. Making an investment in good quality, gloves and boots and a safety helmet is always worthwhile. Make sure you get a helmet that fits correctly. Look after it, because it’s to protect you and may save your life.

Wear something bright and at night - When selecting your choice of riding gear, bear in mind something to make sure you are visible, especially for night riding. You can now get jackets, gloves and helmets that have fluorescent bands and strips (which can be detachable) and purpose designed reflective clothing when riding a night.

Check out your helmet – There is a safety helmet protection rating you can access by going online to . The Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP) give a rating on a star basis from 1 to 5, the higher up the scale, the better rated the helmet is. If looked after properly, it should around 5 years or 3 if used regularly. Make sure the visor provides a clear view to all sides, and that it is shatter proof and scratch resistant. There should also be enough room in the helmet for the use of sunglasses or spectacles.

Keep on the ball – Unfortunately many motorists fail to spot the motorcyclist, as mentioned this can be more predominant at junctions. It’s always a good idea to ride with your lights on (dipped), and to expect that you won’t be seen. Always be vigilant of other road users such as the cyclist or pedestrian. Try to be alert and observant at all times.

Put yourself in the right position – By placing yourself in the middle of the road lane, will make you more visible to other road users. Before approaching junctions or turning, put yourself in position early, this will aid other drivers in letting them know where or what you are going to do next.

Think before you overtake – Are there any potential hazards? Are there oncoming junctions or bends? Give yourself and the vehicle you are about to overtake plenty of room, you do not want to be speeding up to quickly or swerving excessively. Before overtaking take a last look over your shoulder to make sure what the other road users are doing.