Placing your ad

Placing your ad

01 December 2011
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Provide a precise, accurate and detailed description including all special features i.e. Air-conditioning, Alloy wheels etc. Together with the make and model, the year it was manufactured. The engine type, details of the transmission, and service history. Don’t make the advert to long, in the region of up to 40 words should be sufficient.

Keep the advert straight to the point by avoiding abbreviations and terminology.

Pick a nice place or area to take a good set of pictures at different angles to provide a potential with a good all round view of your vehicle. Note the main abbreviations are:

FSH – Full service history

PSH – Part service history

A/C – Air conditioning

PAS – Power assisted steering

EW – Electric windows

ABS – Anti lock braking system

RCL- Remote central locking

VGC – Very good condition

O(V)NO – Or (very) nearest offer

It’s always a good idea to keep all your vehicles details by the phone. Any potential buyer will always have different types of questions to ask.