New Driver FAQs

New Driver FAQs

02 December 2011
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You cannot start to learn to drive a car until your provisional driving licence has been accepted and is in your possession. Generally you won't be able to learn to drive until you are 17, but if you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability allowance you can start to learn how to drive when you reach your 16th birthday. You are allowed to apply for your licence up to 2 months before your licence is due to start. But you are not allowed to drive on the road until your licence has arrived and not until you have turned 17 (or 16 if that applies to you.) To apply you will need to fill in an application form, which you can get from most post offices - it is a D1 form.

I think the DSA quote that it takes about 40 hours on average for people to learn to drive. Don’t worry if you take longer than this! Everybody is different and will learn at different paces. You will get there in the end if you stick at it! If you are only have 1 hour a week, you will obviously take a lot longer to learn than someone having a 2 hour lessons &/or driving with parents at home.

During the lessons you will learn all the things that you need to pass your test. You will learn how to turn left and right, and deal with big junctions. Learn how to do roundabouts, dual carriageways, country roads, busier roads (near schools, shops etc.) You will also learn the manoeuvres needed for your test, these will be turn in the road, parallel park, reverse round the corner, emergency stop (and maybe the bay park - depending on which test centre you will be using - they don't all require this one.)