Motorhome Servicing and MOT's

Motorhome Servicing and MOT's

19 November 2011
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Motorhome servicing

What should you be looking for when having your motorhome serviced? Apart from the standard service area’s which are covered in our car ‘service’ and ‘basic maintenance’ sections under Car Advice.

Inclusions might be the following:

1. Lubrication of the door locks

2. Servicing of the generator, fridge and water boiler

3. The lubrication and testing of the slide outs

4. The burning operation of the oven and gas hob work correctly including hoses

5. General inspection of the roof and vent seals

6. Checking the road wheels and calipers (or drums if applicable) in case of deterioration

7. Where a petrol generator is used – Emissions on the gas analyzer

8. The operation of the space heater

9. The water system to include:

The toilet blade and flush

Operation of the ‘pressure switch set up’

Drain plug system

Operation of the water pump

Making sure the taps and shower head function

10. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work

11. CO and leak test

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