More taxing info

More taxing info

11 November 2011
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First time taxing and registration

You can use Post Office that issues tax discs by taking the registration document and exemption certificate. For newly a purchased vehicle, also take the ‘New Keeper Supplement’ tear off slip.


Where the tax is running out at the end of the month, you are allowed to renew any time after the 5th of month. In the case where the vehicle has not been taxed, or you’ve just obtained it with an expired tax or a SORN is in force, then you will be able to get the tax disc on the first day during the month you apply. If you the tax disc to begin on the first day of the following month, you are not allowed to get the tax more than two in front.

Internet or Phone

Quote the reference number on your registration document. Your right to claim the exemption is verified on-line.

If you wish to use the reminder form (V11), when received, make sure to complete it and also take your insurance certificate, which has to be in force when the tax begins. You will also need a valid MOT if the vehicle is over three years old, (this does not apply to invalid carriages) and your exemption certificate DLA404 or WPA442

For taxing with the registration document V5C, just take it to a tax disc issuing Post Office with a V10 licence application form that is completed

Using the New Keeper Supplement

You will need to complete V62 ‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)’ and a V10 ‘Vehicle licence application’ and take them to the local DVLA office. Please note the New Keeper Supplement has an expiry period of two months from the date of the vehicle purchase. If it has expired you will have to request a Registration Certificate in your name.


If you have to register a vehicle for the first time, there are certain documents which need to be presented to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). This is to confirm the identity of the keeper and prevent vehicles which may be registered dishonestly.

The required applications are: Form V55/4 and V55/5 are required when first registering and taxing a vehicle which the name and address details are checked. The V55/4 form is used when you import a new vehicle (some kit cars), for a more detailed description of what this involves go to directgov – Registering an imported vehicle. The V55/5 form is to register vehicles that been rebuilt, are kit cars or have been greatly altered. A more detailed description can be found at directgov – How to register a rebuilt, radically altered vehicle and kit car.

The documentation required at the time of registering is needed to confirm your name and address details.

To confirm your name -

A standard photocard driving licence and the accompanying paper licence

The standard UK or EU passport

A marriage certificate

If divorced, a decree nisi or decree absolute

A standard birth certificate

To confirm your address –

Your current council bill

A NHS Medical card

A recent building society or bank statement

Registering and licencing a vehicle must be completed at your local DVLA office. When you take in your application forms (V55/4 or V55/5). These should be accompanied with a documentation to confirm your name and address details, money for the correct car tax amount, and an up to date certificate of insurance. There may be a first registration fee applicable. Plus:

All the vehicles documentation

The MOT certificate if applicable

A newness declaration if applicable

Type approval evidence, individual approval scheme (IVA), single vehicle approval (SVA), enhanced SVA or motorcycle SVA

For a vehicle that has been imported

Full documentation for the vehicle is needed, the foreign registration document, which should also indicate the collection date. For more details on the Individual and Single Vehicle Approved Scheme go to directgov

There is the possibility the DVLA may want to examine the vehicle before a registration mark is issued. All your documents will be returned with the tax disc, as they do not guarantee delivery it may be appropriate to supply a self addressed pre-paid registered postal envelope. The DVLA should return everything within 6 weeks, if nothing is received after this; get straight in touch, so they will be able to carry out an investigation for you. After 3 months from your application date if you haven’t responded the DVLA is no longer liable for a claim. If require further information visit your local DVLA office.

A Brief on Older Vehicles

For registering an older vehicle with its original number plate. You need to apply through an Owners Club completing a V55/5 and V765 form, together with a current photograph, the original logbook, and a pre 1983 tax disc or MOT that will show the original number. The club will then pass on all the details to the DVLA. For further background details and information go to directgov – How to register your ‘old’ vehicle

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