methods of financing

methods of financing

19 September 2013
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You have two choices when financing your vehicle, either go for the dealership loan or the high street.  Both agents will be paid a commission, with a dealership loan, the pressure will be higher.  You are dealing directly with the individual that gets paid for selling you the loan. This is usually between 5% and 15% of the total ticket price.

That’s not a bad earner if you buy a car for £5000, the sales agent would get between £250 and £500 just for selling you finance as well. However on the flip side you can usually use this to your advantage by negotiating the sale price. If you walk away their loss will be greater putting you in a better position!

The high street allows you more choice of loan but you need to then make a few more trips to the garage. You would agree a price, pay a deposit, then go to the high street and hope you get credit otherwise you risk losing your deposit etc.