Key Swapping

Key Swapping

28 November 2011
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The Key Swap scam is becoming more widely known about. This vehicle scam is where the buyer (con artist) swaps the sellers keys for a fake key. The con artist then simply returns a few hours later and drive off with the car and the seller is obviously unaware. 

The Sell and Steal

This scam can easily be avoided. This is where a gang steals vehicles, then sells the vehicles and then steals them back and starts the cycle again. This is why it is so important to do history checks on used vehicles and to make sure the VIN matches on the car and the log book. 

The Bump

This is where a vehicle thief will lightly bump into a victim’s car apologises profusely and offers to swap insurance details. It is then that vehicle thief will jump in the victim’s car and drive off.