Horse Sense

Horse Sense

28 November 2011
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Both vehicle drivers and horse riders have equal rights to use our roads. They are jointly responsible for consideration for each others needs. By following a few simple rules this can help to avoid any accidents.

Drivers should always be considerate when there is a horse and rider on the road. Where there horse riding trails, signposts are put up to warn the motorist.

Reduce your speed, and be able to stop if required.

Watch out for the rider’s signals before you pass, slowdown or stop.

As with any animal make yourself of any unpredictability’s or sudden movements. Horses can very easily become panicked by noisy or fast-moving traffic.

Please have patience, don’t honk your horn or rev up your engine.

Be extra vigilante at roundabouts. If the horse rider intends to turn left they will signal only when the reach there desired exit while maintaining a ‘keep to the left rule’. Horse riders will normally signal right only when approaching exits they don't intend to use.