Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

01 December 2011
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Before setting off on your caravan holiday or trip make sure you have the right gear, don’t caught out.

A caravan step – You don’t want a broken ankle!

The correct towing mirrors – You are required by law to be able to see behind your towing vehicle and caravan.

A fresh water container and all connections – Stow it in the caravan so you don’t forget it.

A waste water container and pipe – Many sites do not have ‘on-pitch’ drainage so having storage for your waste water is essential.

The wheel clamp and hitchlock – These are usually compulsory on insurance policies. Even if stopping for a few minutes make sure it’s secured. Ensure it does not remain locked to the car while travelling in case there is an accident.

A submersible pump – While the majority of caravans carry onboard water containers, a pump is required to convey water to the taps etc.

A mains electric hook-up lead – For use when the campsite; has individual pitch hook-ups to connect to the power supply.

A caravan steady winder – These vary in length with attachments to fit on to a battery operated power drill.

A leisure battery – A necessity; when you have no power. These are designed for the stored power to be discharged more slowly making them last a lot longer than an ordinary battery.

Spare number plate – Your trailer or caravan should have a correctly styled numbered plate fitted.

Caravan Awning – Keep your awning stowed together with the poles, pegs and a mallet.

Other essentials should include – Suitable chemicals for a chemical toilet. First aid kit, fire extinguisher (preferably the dry powder type) and a smoke alarm.