Eco driving

Eco driving

10 November 2011
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Eco-safe driving and riding

We must all do our bit to save the planet, but where driving is concerned it can also save you money. A new part to the driving test was introduced from 8th September 2008. Which now takes into account on how eco-friendly you can drive.

While taking your driving test, the examiner will access your ability on how to drive in an eco-safe way, primarily how much of a controlled driver you are and your preparation. Your ADI should help you with the techniques on how to achieve this.  The examiners assessment is not part of the current standard for the practical test and as such you will not fail your test if you haven’t proven or shown any eco-safe driving methods.

Showing Control

Demonstrate that you are able to easily control the vehicle paying attention to:

Starting the vehicle and moving off

Controlling the accelerator

Changing gears easily

Keeping to the correct speed

This all helps to reduce your CO2 emissions, and prevents your vehicle from wear and tear

Are you prepared?

Last minute reactions, hard braking, sharp and excessive wheel turning on corners are just a few examples of failing to anticipate certain road conditions. This will increase your emissions and your fuel bill!

Plan and be aware of potential hazards

Learning how to engine brake, down hills and going around bends and corners

Learning when to turn off the engine when applicable

There is a brochure available called Eco-Safe Driving, you will be given a copy at the end of your driving test. It can also be downloaded off the internet.

Other Useful Hints and Tips

Keep your tyres at the correct pressure

Try to travel before or after the rush-hour traffic

Air conditioning can use up to 2mpg

Try to avoid busy or congested areas

When stopped, pull away slowly and keep to the speed limit

Remove any excess weight, e.g. roof mounted luggage

If you have got cruise control, use it

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