01 December 2011
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After selling your car either privately or through a motor trader/dealer the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have to be notified. Forgetting to sort out the paperwork can work out costly especially if you were to receive a speeding offence or non payment advice for road tax, when you no longer have the vehicle.

When you sell your vehicle the V5C registration document has to be transferred over to the new buyer. What you need to do:

With the V5C Registration Document, firstly complete section 6, filling in the new keeper details and address. The sections to be completed can vary depending on the age of the V5C as they do vary (see below V5). You as the seller and the buyer have to sign section 8. The signed V5C must then be sent immediately to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA. The green section V5C/2 must also be completed and given to the buyer.

If you have sold the vehicle to a motor trader, the yellow section or V5C/3 (definitions are explained on the back) should be completed with the details and signature and sent to the DVLA. The blue and green sections (V5C and V5C/2) should also be passed to the trader but uncompleted.

If you have sold the vehicle without the road tax, and there are a number of ‘months’ remaining on it, you can apply for a refund, but this is only for the complete months. The DVLA will only refund you after they have obtained the correct notice that your vehicle has been transferred or sold.

The Two Part V5 Document

When the registration document is in two parts, the ‘notification of sale or transfer’ or lower part should be completed, detached and sent to the DVLA (address above). You should give the buyer the top piece and remind them to inform the DVLA as soon as possible. 

The Three Part V5

Where the document has three parts, the V5 blue section should be completed with both yours and the buyer’s signatures and sent to the DVLA. The V5/2 green section also has to be completed and given to the buyer. Where the buyer is a motor trader, you are required to complete the red section V5/3 with name and address and signature of the trader and send them to the DVLA (address above). As with the V5C above, the uncompleted blue and green parts (V5 and V5/2) should be passed over to the trader.

After informing the DVLA, they should respond within a period of 4 weeks with a letter of acknowledgement, which will verify the release of your ownership of the vehicle, if you have not received anything by the end of the 4 week period contact the DVLA.

Note the DVLA when in receipt of the old style V5 document, automatically replaces them with the new style V5C.