Carrying Passengers

Carrying Passengers

01 December 2011
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Carrying passengers

Firstly let’s have a look at legals:

There is no minimum age, however if carrying a passenger under 17 of age they must obtain either a parent or guardians permission. They have to wear a British Standard Approved and kitemarked helmet. They should be able to rest and comfortably reach the rear foot-rests.

Wear the correct protective clothing

Straddle the bike correctly

Hand signals should not be made for the rider

They should not look behind

Grip the grab rails or the bottom of your jacket

The pillion passenger should always lean with the rider when taking corners

The bike

You may need to increase the tyre pressures depending upon the weight of the passenger

Make adjustment to the rear suspension to take into account the extra weight

Check the headlight(s), mirrors, and chain


Lighter steering will be experienced because more weight is transferred to the rear of the bike making the steering lighter

You will need greater braking distances and account for instability because your passenger will be pushed into your back

The balance of the bike will be affected at lower speeds

There will tend to be a greater deviation when cornering; you may to compensate for this

Other points

Balance can also be affected by the wind and road surface conditions