Buying caravan and motor-home insurance

Buying caravan and motor-home insurance

19 September 2013
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Essentially caravan insurance covers 3 main options:

1. Market Value – The insurance policy will pay out the cost of an identical caravan to yours in the event of loss. There may be adjustments for its condition and age. This option is perhaps more viable for older caravans

2. The Guaranteed Value – When you have your caravan direct from a approved dealer and the caravan under a set amount of years old. A value amount is agreed upon and the insurance premium with then cover the agreed amount in the event of loss.

3. New for Old - This type of insurance cover will replace your existing caravan on a ‘like for like’ basis which will based on the amount of the value of the sum assured purchased. This is a viable option when your caravan has been bought from new or is nearly new.

For a Touring Caravans and Static’s your policy might also include and you may save money on the following:

A discount for buying online

Discounts for having a good security system and a safe and secure storage area

Storage is taken in an CaSSOA (caravan storage site owners association) approved storage site

Some policies might include personal accident and public liability cover

Voluntary excess

Being a member of an owner club type of organisation IE The caravan club

A fitted and approved GPS tracking device

Be aware that some caravan insurance policy companies do not cover every manufacturer so do your homework

And for Motorhomes:

A discount for buying online

Up to 25%  discount on no-claims periods

Free European cover if you want to take on the continent

Personal accident and effect cover (which might cover baggage, certain types of equipment – audio and television etc)

Motorhome windscreen cover

Breakdown cover

A fitted and approved GPS tracking device

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