Bike MOT Tests

Bike MOT Tests

19 November 2011
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THE MOT (Ministry Of Transport) CERTIFICATE

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have an MOT test (Ministry of Transport) for any vehicle that is over 3 years. The MOT test is make sure your vehicle remains safe, keeps up with environmental standards and remains in a drivable condition.

Your vehicle is not taken apart or disassembled for any part of the test, which has to be carried out every year after the vehicle has reached three years of age. The vehicle is classed as roadworthy only at the time of the test and not the whole year the certificate is in force. The MOT does not take account of the general condition of the engine, gearbox or clutch.

The MOT tester’s name has to be on a list of ‘Nominated Testers’ form VT26

An overview of the area’s covered:

While astride the machine

A)    All the controls including switches and the horn should function

B)     The front forks, suspension, the head bearings and handlebars are checked

The front of the machine

A)    All lights and indicators (there should be no damage including chips or cracks)

B)     The brake master cylinder (if there is fitted)

While the machine is on the main stand while the front wheel is raised

A)     The steering mechanism, again the front forks and head bearings

B)     Wheel bearing and front brakes

C)     Condition of the front wheel and tyre

The front wheel is then lowered and the right hand side of the bike the following is checked

A)    The condition of the rear wheel, the tyre and brakes

B)     The final drive (if this is fitted the right hand side of the bike or vice versa)

C)    The exhaust system

D)    A standard check of the frame, VIN number, seat and footrest

The rear wheel is then raised to check

A)    The condition of the wheel, rear brakes and its components and tyre condition

B)     The rear suspension and the final drive

Also at the rear of the machine

A)    The rear positioning lamps, the stop, reflectors and indicators (condition the same as above)

B)     The rear suspension and registration plate

While on the left hand side

A)    Condition of the frame and foot rest

B)     The exhaust system

C)    The rear wheel, tyre and brake

Back at the front

A)    The alignment of the wheel

B)     The performance of the brakes

C)    The headlamps aim

It is worth noting that if a sidecar is fitted, under VOSA examination the following inspected:

The security of the sidecar

The wheel bearings and wheel alignment

The suspension

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