Before you Advertise

Before you Advertise

05 January 2012
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Listed below is a short checklist of what you will need to do before placing your advert with us. Treat this purely as a help guide only. More in-depth advice is provided in our ‘Selling your Car’ section in Car Advice.

1. Give the inside of your vehicle a good clean, removing any rubbish, followed by vacuuming. Clean all the trimmings put on a bit of dashboard shine and check the upholstery for marks and scuffs (get a valet if required). With a leather interior use a proprietary leather cleaner and restorer.

2. Wash, wax and polish not forgetting the sills and door frames. Use touch-up paint for minor scratches and stone chips. Don’t forget to make the wheel trims as shiny as you can and clean the trims up to return them to a nice black sheen. Finish off by blackening the tyres.

3. Don’t forget under the bonnet either by using a degreaser.

4. Prepare a short and precise description of your vehicle including the special features IE aircon etc. It’s a good idea to keep this by your phone for a when a prospective buyer calls.

5. Do your research for pricing and include a £300 cushion for haggling if you wish. Don’t forget be realistic if you want to sell it.

6. Dig out your log book, insurance details and history.

7. Photographing your car - One of the most overlooked aspects of selling your car is the photograph, you don’t need to be a professional but there are a few basic tips that can attract or distract a person’s attention.

The chances are you will only remember the first paragraph of this advice so the most important tip is the light. If the sun is high in the sky the shadows will make the car look “murky”, so wait until the sun is just about to start going down as late in the afternoon as possible and take a picture both with and without the fill flash.

Try kneeling down slightly and shoot from the front corner of the vehicle.

Ok now all the technical bits! Buy a polarisation lens; it will stop the nasty reflections on the car. Talking of reflections make sure the sun is not directly behind you otherwise darker vehicles will just act as a mirror to the background.